Cinema de Historias, dá man de Alice Guy, a nai do cinema

Sunday 07/04/19 – 12:00
Municipal Library of Marín

This show, a mixture of narration, theatre and cinema, aims to entertain and awaken children’s love for cinema, discovering from the beginning the power of images to transmit stories. 
All this through the unjustly forgotten figure of Alice Guy, the so-called “mother of cinema”. This fascinating woman was the first person to direct fictional cinema telling a story, as well as actress, scriptwriter, costume designer, cameraman, producer, comic, magician and much more… For this the audience will embark on a magical journey through time to learn about her life and see excerpts from her first films.


Actress, puppeteer, philologist and, above all, storyteller. In her shows the public is a fundamental element, big and small enter to be part of the show, being the active participation and the humor key pieces. Perhaps it was because of the stories her grandmother told her (because the memory of her ancestors is not only life, but pure wisdom), perhaps because the girl she carries inside continues dreaming of that fantasy world, outside as outside, the stories have been part of her personal and professional life for twenty years.