Saturday 06/04/2019 – 12:00
Biblioteca Municipal de Marín
With the collaboration of ONCE – Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles

How can a blind person know what happens during a chase in a movie? Or what reaction does a certain character have if he doesn’t say a single word?

Thanks to the invaluable collaboration of ONCE – Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles, this activity will take place in which attendees will be able to experience how visually and hearing impaired people enjoy cinema.

Clips from the famous Pixar film “Buscando a Dori” will explain what audiodescription is, the technology that allows it to be used during the projection (more and more cinemas have access to apps that include it), the process that allows visually impaired people to have it at their fingertips… In short, everything related to facilitating accessibility for everyone to the seventh art.

Don’t miss this original and interesting activity, which will allow you to “see the cinema with words”.