Main objectives

  • Bringing children closer to audiovisual works from other countries and cultures. To give them access to products that would otherwise be very difficult for them to know.
  • Address issues that directly affect children and youth, both socially and emotionally: discovering aspects of the world from another perspective, facing fears of growing up, the strength of friendship, the first encounter with pain, claiming oneself as beings with their own rights, respect for others and their differences…
  • Generate an intergenerational space between adults and children: although the contents to be selected have minors as their main target audience, they must be sufficiently attractive to adults to share the experience with them.
  • Show the ins and outs of the cinematographic world through practical workshops and activities open to the attending public.
  • Vindicate the work of children as creators of their own audiovisual work, either with workshops developed during the event itself or through the exhibition of work done by schools.
  • Pay special attention to children with visual and hearing disabilities, offering them the opportunity to enjoy audiovisual work with appropriate techniques and technology.